Hey everyone,

Today I have a post for you about friendship, I personly found that a really important subject to talk about so let’s begin.

First of al it is important that you can trust your friend like they wouldn’t tell your secrets to others. It is also import that they are always there for you good times and bad times because when your not feeling well you can tell everything to them.

You have al sorts of friends: friends form school, friends from sportclubs, friends from work but al these friend are  very important. I think that when you heve none good friends you will sometime stand there alone with no one who will or can help you.

So what you’ve learned now is very important because with no friends your live is not so pretty, and remember that it is ultimately all about love.

lots of love




simple everyday make-up

Hey everyone,

Today I have a really simple make-up look you can wear  everday, it takes not much time and it is perfect for school. Let’s begin!!!

The facebewerkt-1

Personely I don’t wear foundation so I begin with concealer, for concealer I use the camouflage cream from catrice. First I apply that under my eyes and on my spots with my finger and then I
blend it with my concealer brush from nude by nature.bewerkt-5

To pop some colour on my face I apply some blush, the blush I use is one from Max factor X in the colour seductive pink.

The eyes

For the eyelook you have to prime your eyes first i use a bewerkt-4eyeshadow primer from Etos but any primer is oké.

I’m gobewerkt-6nna your pallet from MAC that’s called pure bred I also did a review from that one. First you highlite your browbone and the innercorner from your eye with the lightest colour. Next you colour in your eyelid with the campage colour. To finish it draw a smal
l line with a eyeline, I use the I love punk bewerkt-7eyeliner from essence and ofcourse mascara.

The lipsbewerkt-11

I really take care of my lips so first I put on some lipbalm, it doesn’t matter which one. Then over the lipbalm I appley a nude lipstick also from Etos the is called sensual nude but another nude lipcolour works also perfect.

This was the look I hope you liked it and see you by the next post.

bye bye


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