teatime #1

Hey everyone,

This is the first teatime jeeeh, so for this teatime we went to Middelburg in Zeeland to a cafe that is called ‘het wooncafe’bewerkt-5

the cafe was really cosy but also very light, it was really relaxing and nice to sit there in the cafe was a little shop where you can buy al little this for your kitchen that er typical Zeelands (a province in holland) with al blue details.

The food was absolutly amazing I’ve had a hot chocolate with wipped cream and aDSC_0136 white chocolate cheesecake. The hot chocolate tasted really good and the cheesecake was super delicious but also really heavy it was a meal by it’s self. It a was really good also what
my mum and my grandma had looked really delicious.

It was al super good and I would  definitely go back. It is definitely a must to go.

bye bye,



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