studie tips

hey everybody,

today’s new post is about its easier to studie. I hope these tips will help you and that your grades get a little bit higher.

my first tip is to take notes so you can read it back at home en studie from it.

It also helps me a lot to work with colors then you can connect the color on a thing you have to learn.

It is also really importent to take breaks with something delicious this is importent because then you are longer focused on your work and then you don’t become distracted.


Now where talking about focus it is important to stay hydrated, this also helps to focus. DSC_0178

My next tip is to make your homework, I know it is not always fun but you learn a lot from it and when it is done your happy with yourself. You should see it s an advantage for your tests.DSC_0194

If you can handle it it is also nice to make a play list to studie with, with music it isn’t really boring


I hope use some of my tips and can make your grades a little higher

bye bye,

Gwen xx