DIY school supplies

Hey everyone,

It has been a long time since my last blogpost. I have mist it so much but I’m happy to have one again.

Today I have finally a DIY and its a DIY school supplies, now that school has been started I wanted to do this. I always like to have my self made school supplies because no one else had theme and you can see that they are yours not only by your name.

I hope some of you go and make these to and have fun making them.



For this one you will need:dsc_0075

  • paint
  • pencils
  • paintbrush
  • plate (for the paint)

let’s get started:

dsc_0077This one is very easy the only thing you have to do is paint your pencils in a color you like. I choose pink and I mixed some the white paint with pink so it turned out a bit lighter. If you want you can write a quote on the pencil with a fineliner.




For this you will need:dsc_0148

  • notebook
  • paper doily
  • mod podge
  • paintbrush
  • plate
  • scissors

let’s get started:




First you paint some mod podge on to the notebook en lay the paper doily over it. Then cut of the left over paper doily.As last you put on a final coat of mod podge, let dry overnight and you finished.






dsc_0155for this you will need:

  • notebook
  • markers
  • paper
  • glue

let’s get started:

dsc_0158This is also a really easy one. Glue the paper onto your notebook and draw something on the paper it doesn’t matter what it is. Draw something you like or something that means something to you, and then your already finished.


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